Zebra blinds

July 6, 2016

Get an ample amount of ambient light and the highest level of privacy with modern and elegant zebra blinds. As you can guess by their name, these blinds have lighter and darker vanes. The lighter ones let light without being transparent while the darker ones eliminate the risk of someone seeing even silhouettes inside. It is time to get the best of both worlds. Our company offers a wide range of window blinds in this unique style for homes and offices.

Create a Cozy and Inviting Indoor Setting

Made from high-quality fabric, these window treatments match practically any decor from that of a traditional family home to that of a high-tech office. You can select from a huge variety of color options. You can go for the classic dark color plus white for creating the genuine zebra effect. There are also lighter color combinations for those who are not great fans of contrast. We offer free color samples to help you make the best choice.
You will be happy to learn that our zebra blinds are resistant to stains and do not attract dust. They are perfectly safe and easy to operate. Maintenance is also simple and quick – you just need to wipe the blinds clean. This makes these window treatments ideal for living rooms, bedrooms and kid’s rooms. They are also great for offices where workers need both a good amount of light and the optimal level of privacy. Our company offers custom blinds to match windows of any size at the best prices.