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Cellular Shades

Cellular Shades | Calabasas Blinds & Shades, CA

The right type of blinds can give a certain room a specific beautiful look that will significantly improve its appearance. However, they can also make it seem drab and uninspiring. Of course, choosing the right looking ones can be no easy task, as the options are plentiful. Also, the added benefits that each type offers will require careful consideration.

Perfect for High-tech Homes

You can change the look and feel of a home or office by simply changing its window shutters. With the wide range of choices available, you will easily find one that best fits the overall look of your bedroom, kitchen, living room or bathroom. You can also apply these changes to your office and make it feel cozier, which will make work a lot easier and less of a chore. Not all window shades are created equal and not all shades function the same way when it comes to letting in light or blocking it. Because they cover the windows, through which heat can gradually escape, they also have the secondary function of decreasing the overall heat loss of your property. Single sheet covers or single fabric ones don't function as well in this regard. If this is your concern when you're searching for perfect custom window treatments, then it would be best to consider getting cellular shades.

The cellular-shaped cells that are formed with the union of the shade vanes create spaces that serve to trap air. This trapped air and the fabric itself make for a good insulating cover. This means that these are no mere window decorations that only serve to control natural light; they are also insulating covers that can help reduce your heating requirements during the winter, as well as your cooling costs during the summer.

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If you want to get new cellular window coverings installed, call our team at Calabasas Blinds & Shades and we'll offer them to you at the best price. You'll also get a 5-year warranty as well as a satisfaction guarantee, so while finding the right color and type of treatment for your windows can take a little while, calling us is an easy decision!


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