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Motorized Lutron shades make a cheap, flexible asset to any home or workplace.

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Lutron Shades

Lutron Shades In Calabasas

Motorized window shades always make life more convenient. Smart Lutron shades go further than that and add new utility to the system. Motorized smart shades save you money on air conditioning and heating costs, deter malicious actors even when you aren’t at home, and more. As a local Calabasas smart motorized shades provider, we work together with customers to design custom shading solutions that meet their particular needs. With a free consultation appointment, our experts will help you pick the design, fabric, and control systems for your motorized shades. With your choice of wall switches, handsets, and smartphone or Bluetooth controls, your motorized shades will have exactly the kind of utility you’re looking for.

What Smart Shades Do For You

A big part of the work a building’s AC/heating system does is just undoing the temperature changes caused by the windows. With smart motorized shades by Lutron, you can rest assured that your window panes will always be exposed or covered when they should be. Connecting your shades to personal assistant devices like Google Home, Alexa, or Cortana lets them adjust themselves. Attach a sunlight or heat sensor to your home network, and it’ll work even if your internet goes down! Lutron smart shades are also the most reliable prevention against sunlight bleaching of furniture and wallpaper, and protection against prying eyes.

Lutron Shades For Calabasas Windows & Walls

Residential and commercial buildings both benefit from automatic motorized shades, and not only for conventional windows! Glass doors, wall windows, and skylights are all entry points for sunlight and exit points for convective heat. Our custom designs include shades for any shape and planar orientation, as well as size. Skylights are especially problematic for temperature maintenance since the sun comes straight down through them at noon and hot air rises against them when it’s cold. Some insulating shades that open and close in response to the weather and time solve that issue!

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During your free consultation, our team will run you through the benefits of nylon, cotton, solar fabric, and other types of shades. We’ll also help you pick out the colors or patterns that best complement your decoration scheme, and the style of the shades’ structure. Want some fancy Roman shades? Our pleated Lutron shade solutions have you covered. Or have your windows covered, at least! Sheer shades with rigid slats, layered shades that allow for variable sunlight penetration, and more are all further options. Call today to book a free estimate with Calabasas Lutron motorized shade experts, and see how beautiful and functional your own custom set can be.


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