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Made-to-Measure Shading Solutions Motorized

Choose the custom Somfy blinds, window shades, pergola screens, or rolling shutters that provide all the features and décor you want! For free estimates, book a no-obligation consultation.

Somfy Blinds

Somfy Blinds In Calabasas

From rolling screens to window shutters, Somfy blinds solutions have options for every part of your house, business, or other properties. But you want something that will show an aesthetic sense too, right? Well, these smart blinds and motorized shading solutions can flaunt all sorts of décors. With in-person consultation from our Calabasas Somfy experts, you can find the best motorized blinds, shutters, or window shades that capture the exact look and feel you want. And the smart remote control features aren’t half bad either.

Rolling Shutters Custom Made

Got a big sliding glass door leading out to the patio? How about large window walls in your office or living room. Vertical blinds can work for some of these, but if you want something more sophisticated and strong, we have the solution. Motorized rolling shutters for windows of all sizes can offer fabulous enhancements. With different materials and design choices, rolling shutters with Somfy controls provide one of the best choices out there. Custom-made-to-measure, rolling window shutters will fit perfectly, letting no sunlight in unless you want them to.

Blackout Curtains Motorized

For drapery with remote control, you’ve got tremendously aesthetic choices. Covering your Calabasas windows with motorized drapes and curtains, blackout or in sheer opacities, can add a lot of style to the rooms. Motorized drapery does a great job enhancing the room’s décor while also giving you functional sunlight diffusion and control methods. Motorized blackout curtains give bedrooms an excellent addition. Better sleep equals better mood and health, which equals… better everything!

Rolling Pergola Screens and Motorized Patio Covers

It’s not all about indoors! Somfy shading solutions have fantastic, well, solutions, for outdoor lounge areas. Add motorized awnings to outdoor shade structures or deck roofs and enjoy better protection and shade at any hour. With motorized pergola screens, you can block sunlight from all sides. Press a button or use your smartphone, and your motorized patio shades will roll out to cover any designated area.

Best Somfy Blinds in The Calabasas Area

With help from professional designers and installers, you can pick the perfect motorized blinds and shades for any need. Find out more about the different features and smart Wi-Fi remote control blinds options you can choose. How? By calling us to schedule a free estimate on Somfy blinds anywhere near Calabasas. You can also book an appointment using our online scheduling system. Get in touch with us today to start the obligation-free process!


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